I am a freelance programmer based in Rotterdam.

abudaan abumarkub

Skills: Javascript (ES201x, React, nodejs), MIDI/audio, html5/css/sass, SVG, Java, PHP, C/C++, Linux, Android, Actionscript 3 (Flash)


My role as programmer is as a mediator between humans and the machine and vice versa. You want something from the machine and I know how to ask for it. This is not just a matter of translating your ‘verbosity’ (from the computers’ perspective) to a compact machine instruction: sometimes you ask for something but you unintentionally pose the wrong question. In these cases it is convenient that, although I am a programmer, I am quite capable of talking to humans, so I can help you defining or rephrasing your questions before passing them on to the machine.

I consider programming mainly a technical skill that serves for making the lives of humans easier, more profound, more fun, whatsoever dependent on the kind of program (software) and the device it is written for (pc, phone, game console, etc.). So programming is a means, not a goal in itself. The goal is the final result (your project) whereby the technique should be as transparent as possible.

After 12 years of mainly programming Flash, I switched to web languages as of January 2011. In modern browsers you can accomplish almost the same with Javascript as with Actionscript in Flash. My primary focus is on Javascript, SVG and HTML/CSS.

I also know my way in Java and PHP but for more complex projects in these languages you’d better contact a specialist. Good chance I can refer you to a programmer in my network. I will tell you right away if I am not the right programmer for your project. Usually I will be thrilled to dive into a subject that is yet unknown to me, but sometimes it’s faster, easier or better (or all) to look for a specialist on the specific matter. I am not too proud to admit it should this be the case, and I can help you find that expert.

The posts on my blog might seem a little nerdish and to be honest they are more or less targeted to my fellow programmers. Should you for instance desire a plain explanation of what you actually can do with my MIDI libraries, don’t hesitate to drop me a line! Besides English you can also write me in Dutch or German.

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