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Jazz plugin replaces Java applet

Deprecated, please use Chris Wilson’s WebMIDIAPI Shim

The MIDIBridge code has been rewritten as a wrapper for the Jazz plugin by Sema. It is called JazzMIDIBridge now and you can find the code and documentation on Github:

This is the first step in phasing out the Java applet in favor of the Jazz plugin. Currently not all functionality of the Java version has been ported over, for instance playing back and recording MIDI files is not yet implemented. I am thinking of using jsmidi for recording and jasmid for playing back MIDI files. Also in this version it is not possible to setup multiple connections, or to daisy chain devices. The Jazz plugin requires a separate instance per connection (see comment of Sema below) and I still have to write the wrapper code for that. Please let me know if you have any problems, suggestions or feature requests!