dynamic sound generation javascript midi

Quick experiment with audiolib.js

Via a comment of Ned on this blog, i came to know the impressive library audiolib.js of Jussi Kalliokoski.

I made a quick example of how you can connect the midibridge with an Oscillator, see:

This is just a very basic example, you can do a lot more with audiolib.js, check GitHub for code and documentation.

dynamic sound generation flashplayer 10 java midi

midi-to-flash code published in google code

Deprecated, please use Chris Wilson’s WebMIDIAPI Shim Recently i have been asked several times for the code of the midi-to-flash bridge. It has always been my plan to publish the code but i could not find the time to do it. Finally today i have uploaded the code to Google Code, you can find the repository over here: It is published under new BSD license. Though this is a non-reciprocal license, it would be nice if you update me about your improvements. See the generated asdocs. You can compile the code with Flex SDK and with Adobe’s Flash IDE. Read more about compiling with the Flash IDE here. The code of the Chord Finder app uses the net.abumarkub.harmony package and has only been uploaded partly; currently i am busy implementing more chords and modi. In the code chords and modi are represented as 12 bits numbers to get the smallest possible response time when you play a chord on your keyboard. I’ll go into further detail in a future post.

dynamic sound generation popforge

audio/video sequencer

Pipslab is a very successful collective of multimedia artists and through Tim Hudson of Flashclub they have asked me to port a kind of audio/video sequencer from Director to Flash. Though Director has a rather steady internal timer, on older processors you’ll notice the same kind of sluggishness as the ENTER_FRAME event in Flash. So the challenge was to create a steady clock in Flash to sync both audio and video to.

dynamic sound generation flashplayer 10 java midi

midi in flash: a proof of concept

Deprecated, please use Chris Wilson’s WebMIDIAPI Shim

I have made a flash movie that is able to receive midi data from a midi device that is connected to your computer. This is accomplished by using a Java applet. The Java applet is receiving the midi data and passes it on to JavaScript and JavaScript sends it to flash via the ExternalInterface.

You can find a proof of concept overhere. You will need to have flashplayer 10 installed because i use the dynamic sound generation possibilities of player 10 for producing sounds when midi note-on data is received.

If you don’t want the hassle of installing flashplayer 10 you can find a flashplayer 9 version overhere. You won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful warm sinus tone generated by flash but you can see flash responding to your midi keyboard. The Release version of Flash Player 10 is now available from the Flash Player Download Center. However, the flashplayer 9 version is still online.