Beta version of Jazz plugin supports MIDI in

Deprecated, please use Chris Wilson’s WebMIDIAPI Shim

The Jazz plugin is a MIDI plugin that works in all major browsers. Until now, it supported MIDI out only, but today a new version with MIDI in support was released for testing. Currently this beta version is for Windows only. All major browsers are supported. I made an example that shows you how to setup MIDI connections with the Jazz plugin, see:

4 Responses to “Beta version of Jazz plugin supports MIDI in”

  • I guess I know what was the problem with Internet Explorer.
    in the file jazz.js
    line 37:
    line 46:

    These functions take no parameters and IE is too strict about that.

    Actually, you don’t really need to call these functions. Plugin automatically closes the previous connection when you open a new one.

    • Thanks for your comment! I have updated the code and now it works fine in Internet Explorer.

      There is only one issue left: if you set the plugin object’s visibility to hidden, the MIDI input devices are detected correctly but the MIDI events are not showing up in the callback handler.

  • this is awesome but it has a fair amout of lag compared to the actual midi signal.. also, i can use this plugin to create anything in flash with midi connectivity such as a game?

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