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Quick experiment with audiolib.js

Via a comment of Ned on this blog, i came to know the impressive library audiolib.js of Jussi Kalliokoski.

I made a quick example of how you can connect the midibridge with an Oscillator, see:

This is just a very basic example, you can do a lot more with audiolib.js, check GitHub for code and documentation.

2 replies on “Quick experiment with audiolib.js”

I have been playing with this the past while, trying to make a MIDI playable bass synth. The first problem I encountered was that in order to switch from one note to the next I could not have my finger on any other key. If playing two or more notes simultaneously and we release on of the keys, all notes stop playing as the oscillator is set to null.

Tp try fix this issue I create 12 oscillator instances on start up and use one for each not in the octave. This works ok but the volume seems to be affected and is not constant for each note. Maybe the buffer is too full perhaps?

Creating more than 12 oscillators on start up seems to crash the application as well so this may be the wrong way to approach this.