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Midibridge supports multiple midi connections

Deprecated, please use Chris Wilson’s WebMIDIAPI Shim

Jonathan El-Bizri gave me the brilliant idea to add support for multiple midi connections to the midibridge. I made a very basic implementation of this functionality, see overhere: The code will be available on GitHub in the coming few days. Open the midi configuration and click ‘add midi connection’. You can add as many midi connections as you like (only limited by the amount of RAM on your computer). Once created, you can change the in- and/or outport of a midi connection. If you create 2 identical midi connections, only the one you created first will be effective. Identical midi connections are connections that have the same midi in- and outport. You can also filter types of midi events per connection. Currently i have only added ‘control change’, ‘program change’ and ‘pitch bend’, but all types can be filtered out: it is just a matter of adding more checkboxes. If a checkbox is checked, the related type of midi event will not be sent to the midi outport. The original idea of Jonathan was to make a patch panel with

jsPlumb so you can arrange the midi devices as you like. I am working on a somewhat more modest patch panel that looks more like the connections panel of JACK. It will look something like this (click image to enlarge):

abumarkub midibridge patch panel
abumarkub midibridge patch panel
I have put an early version online, it uses Raphaeljs for drawing the wires. But be warned, it still is very buggy: