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midi bridge support for osx and vista 64bit

Deprecated, please Chris Wilson’s WebMIDIAPI Shim

Mac OSX and Vista 64bit are now supported, check the example!

Please download mmj first and place mmj.jar and libmmj.jnilib in your /Library/Java/Extensions directory.

Because the applet is loading the mmj library from your local system, the applet has to be signed and you have to trust it before it can run.

For Vista 64bit
Please go to Control Panel -> View 32-bit Control Panel Items -> Java -> Advanced -> Java Plug-in and deselect ‘Enable the next-generation Java Plug-in’.

In general
If the midi bridge loses its connection to your midi device, or the bridge isn’t responding at all anymore, please close your browser(s) completely. That means: close all running browser windows of all browsers that have been running the applet. This is to ensure that you kill the Java Plug-in process completely.

All midi bridge examples are updated and your platform should be detected automatically, so go ahead and test the bridge on your machine with the links in this post or in this post.

Please let me know if it doesn’t work on your system.

You can find the code at

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hi Daniel,
Thx a lot for your miditoflash effort, it’s a really cool project! I’m on osx and testing your latest osx bridge version, noticed a little thing:
the example works for me, but only in safari (3) and opera, not in firefox(3.07).
* In firefox it does prompt the verify applet alert and then the status bar does say “Applet midiApplet started”, but it never shows the applet (screen with “Initializing Java…. stays all the time)
* In safari and opera the example works, (every midi event is registered correctly) but if i play a note on the midi keyboard (esi keycontrol 25) it plays the note far toooo long ?? the ‘note off’ event is called directly after i release it, but the audio sustains for about 20 seconds orso and then it is abrubtly cutoff. any ideas as to why?

The rest seems to work correctly, which is really cool, i can’t wait to start my javascript/flash/soundmanager2/miditoflash experiments. Would be even nicer if it would work in firefox, thx.

Hi Victor,

Thanks for your testing and report! The issue with the hanging notes is a ‘known bug’. The audio engine is currently a rather simple sinus tone generator and i have to revise/rebuild it. I will implement asap a more robust version.

You were right about FF3/OSX and i have fixed it: the MRJ does not support AppletContext to communicate with javascript so for FF/Mozilla browsers i have created a new version of the applet using Netscape’s JSObject package for the java-javascript communication.

Wow, Daan, thanks a lot, that was very quick! I can confirm that your newest version works as expected in FF3 now. very nice !

Hi Daniel, thanks for your exciting work!
One question: is it theoretically possible to write to midi-out under windows and linux? In other words, is it just a question of effort or are there some really hard to overcome difficulties on the way? If it is possible, is this feature on your todo list? 🙂 It would be very cool to have it! Thanks!

It is possible and it should be implemented in the Java code. For sure it is on my todo list but unfortunately this list is rather long 😉

If you are familiar with Java i would gladly invite you to try to add it yourself; that’s one of the key features of open source!

does not appear to do anything in Linux – Fedora 11, Firefox 3.5, with java-1.6.0-openjdk-plugin

the window status claims that the applet has started, but there is no change in the page. no errors, just nothing.

Thank you!

The midi events are passed thru javascript to actionscript, so you can just skip the last step.

In the new version of the bridge, the midi events are passed as an XML string, so you can easily parse it with for instance Ajax.

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