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Midibridge using base64 soundfonts, a proof of concept

Deprecated, please use Chris Wilson’s WebMIDIAPI Shim

Michael Deal made a brilliant music theory learning app for Google Chrome using base64 soundfonts. In fact he is not really using the soundfonts itself, but rendered .ogg files that are loaded as base64 files into the html5

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I’ve been playing around with your new bridge and loving it! It’s so cool to be able to control my browser with my MIDI Keyboard- finally got a MIDI cable and set it all up, and my mind is blown. Ended up plugging MIDIBridge into the JSMIDI package, to write MIDI’s in Javascript via the MIDI Keyboard input 😉


You can safely ignore the message Chrome gives you; it works all the same.

It is a quite annoying message though, i am not sure what causes this issue; may be it is the classpath in the code parameter of the object tag.